Motorola Milestone XT720

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The Motorola Milestone XT720 and Motoroi XT720 are very similar. Motoroi XT720 received a 2.2.1 update, however Motorola has announced that Milestone XT720 will remain at 2.1. Interestingly, Motoroi's 2.2.1 was released with the eclair kernel. Milestone XT720 is able to run Motoroi's 2.2.1, but subtle hardware differences cause problems (e.g. accelerometer doesn't work). The XT720 bootloader performs signature checks of the boot and recovery code groups and refuses to boot them if they do not pass signature verification. Custom recovery uses skrilax's bootstrapped OpenRecovery and 2nd-init is used by most custom ROMs. XT720 also has a functioning fastboot, but using fastboot to flash an unsigned/incorrectly signed boot.img does not bypass the signature checks. You can however use "fastboot boot boot.img" to load a custom kernel into memory over USB and then boot it directly, bypassing the signature check. Such fastbooted kernels will not persist after a reboot.

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