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Security of Motorola Droid-family phones based on two important technologies:

  • eFuse cells for one-time blowing to increment counter for security purposes
  • M-Shield protection, solution from Texas Instruments special for cellular networks (similar as SecureShield from Quallcomm)
  • L3 firewall protection for managing mandatory access for devices in OMAP SoC


L3 firewall


This is an extended implementation of MTM (Mobile Trusted Module) of Trusted Computing Group, based on reference design of MTM, and embedded into OMAP chip. Also it support TrustZone ARM technology. It's located on it's own ROM/RAM and in M-Shield only software emulation - see TrustZone specification. Both, Secure and Insecure world are running on one core. From insecure world it's called by the SMC ARM instruction. Here all info about SMC module: Secure Monitor


Normal World Secure World
32Kb on-chip ROM 64Kb on-chip Secure ROM
32Kb on-chip SRAM 32Kb on-chip Secure SRAM

Secure Services

OMAP3430 have various number of secure services

Trust Zone

See Trust Zone page for details