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FAQ: CM6 for Milestone ROM

Who maintains this ROM/FAQ

This ROM is developed/maintained by Kabaldan of the XDA-Developers forums. We all owe him a lot for helping us make the milestone a usable phone.

The first draft of this FAQ was written by Caz666 of the XDA-Developers forums.

He is hoping that the community will add to this FAQ to help clear some of the clutter out of an already large thread :)

Where do I find extra help for this ROM?

1.Please make sure you question is not answered in this FAQ

2.Please search the official CM6 for Milestone thread on XDA-Developers forums for a few keywords that seem relevant to you.

3. If #1 and #2 do not solve your issue, feel free to post on the official thread. People are very friendly.

How do I install this ROM?:

If you are already rooted/have an OpenRecovery installed on your Milestone:

1. Put Google Apps and the latest Cyanogen zip file in the Openrecovery/updates folder

2. Factory Reset / Wipe Cache Partition AND Dalvik Cache

3. Flash the Cyanogen file

4. Flash the Google Apps zip file

If your Milestone is currently running a stock version of Android:

(these instructions were modified from the Stickied thread on xda-developers forums. Many thanks to members iamdarren and dsixda)


A)First install the USB drivers from Motorola

B)Then install the RSD Lite Tool | Linux machines can use the linux flasher (created by [mbm])

C) Use RSD Lite to flash the Recovery-Only SBF (which will downgrade the Recovery Partition and not the system)

D) Install Androidiani OpenRecovery

E) Lastly follow the steps for installing Cyanogen for Milestone and Google Apps

F) (if applicable) -> Make sure to install the correct baseband for you phone from the Androidiani menu if you are not using European 3G frequencies on your network

Detailed Instructions for Step C -> Start the RSD Lite, select the SBF file

1.Plug in your phone (while it's off)
2.Go into the Bootloader Mode by holding UP (on the hardware keyboard) and press Power-On for 2-3 seconds (if UP doesn't work try pressing X)
3.Now select your phone which should be now visible in the RSD Lite tool
4.Press Start
5.The phone will reboot 1-3 times during the downgrade process. DO NOT unplug it!

Detailed instructions for Step D-> Installing OpenRecovery:

1.Download Open Recovery (any will do,but Androidiani is recommended)
2.Copy the file to the root of your SD
3.Copy/ Extract the OpenRecovery folder to the root of your SD.

Reboot your phone into recovery menu:

1.Turn off phone
2.Press Camera button, then press Power. Hold them both till you see recovery screen. (If this doesn't work, open the keyboard and try X + Power)
3.Press Volume Up and Camera button at the same time till you see the recovery menu.

NOTE: If you get an error about "EOCD Marker" at this point, that means you did not flash the vulnerable recovery properly. Go back to previous section, re-flash vulnerable recovery with RSD Lite and hold the up key during the whole operation until RSD Lite finishes.

4. Apply the

You are now in Open Recovery. You can now root the phone, do Nandroid backup/restore etc

You can now install Cyanogen for Milestone

Is this ROM stable?

Except for a few remaining, semi-random bugs, this ROM is generally considered stable enough for daily use. Unfortunately, problems that are sometime encountered tend to be showstoppers. For example, the battery drain bug could be considered severe if it happens to you.

This ROM will stay flagged as beta until Motorola releases an official kernel and drivers for Froyo.

Do I need to wipe my phone before installing this ROM?

Full Wipe/ Factory reset is recommended for:

1. Coming from any other ROM (may not be strictly necessary, but recommended).

2. Upgrading from a very old CM6 (version 0.01 or 0.02 series)

Do I need to do a full wipe /factory reset upgrading between CM6 releases?

You do NOT need to do a full Wipe when upgrading between different (recent) versions of CM6.

You should simply wipe the cache partition and Dalvik Cache from your OpenRecovery

When will issue X get fixed?

Motorola proprietary files are most common causes of problems. These cannot be fixed by the community unless Motorola provides sources for them (probably not going to happen). Motorola will release official kernel files when they release an official Froyo update for the Milestone. Minor issues can usually be traced to Cyanogen and nightly builds exist to fix these issues. Every few days/weeks, a CM6 build is compiled into a ROM for our phone.

Help! I don't have Google Apps / Market / Gmail / other Google stuff on my phone anymore

You need to install Google Apps. For legal reasons, Google apps are not packaged with Cyanogen anymore. Please install the GAPPS HDPI 

Help! Application X is Force Closing or acting weird

Please clear the Cache partition and Dalvik Cache from your OpenRecovery. If coming from another ROM or an older (0.01/0,02) CM6 for Milestone, you may want to attempt a factory reset clear up many problems.

Help! My battery is draining rapidly

It is thought that this is caused by a bug in the Motorola proprietary files (most likely kernel). It causes the phone to never enter sleep mode (100% CPU) and drains the battery. A possible work around is to reboot the phone after EACH charge (USB, Dock or Wall Charger). Not all users encounter this bug.

Help! My WIFI does not work anymore

A known work-around for some people is to switch from WPA2-TKIP to WPA2-AES encryption on your router. Some users claim that deleting the /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf file helps, but for others this does not work.

Help! My phone does not appear to fully charge

This also appears to be a bug in either Froyo or Motorola files.

Some users have reported good results by removing the battery, plugging in the phone and then waiting for a question mark to appear before putting the battery back in. The "unbooted" charge appears to charge the phone more fully than a "booted" charge.

Help! My phone can't connect to my carrier's data or voice network

Please choose the appropriate baseband for your phone from either Androidiani recovery or another recovery that support baseband RIL file installation.

In the Androidiani recovery menu, navigate to CHANGE BASEBAND (main page) and choose the appropriate country/provider.

When will I get an Official Froyo/GingerBread for my phone?

Motorola will deploy Froyo for the Milestone according to the following schedule